Thursday, April 30, 2009

WTF is wrong with this DUMB BITCH

Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously Dude? Someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with this DUMB BITCH??

Is it the hair, the outfit, the MAN?? Like seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this DUMB BITCH!!

I'll tell you one thing, he has no fucking friends, and in fact what ever friend he did have before this picture was taken.. He lost!!

Someone PLEASE tell me.. What the FUCK is wrong with this DUMB BITCH!?!

I have to go, I think I just pissed my pants!!



Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Sunday, April 26, 2009

DUMB BITCHES The Recession & The "American" Dream

Everyone is pissed and broke behind this recession. Everyone is looking to blame this catastrophe on someone.. President Bush, The Big Banks, Wall St., Predatory Lending.. I mean people have entire lists of other people, businesses, politicians, and reasons as to what caused this "recession" which is starting to resemble a fucking "great depression" to me, YET NO ONE HAS STATED THE OBVIOUS.. SO, PLEASE ALLOW ME..

THE REAL CULPRIT, the one's that are truly to blame are The DUMB BITCHES of AMERICA!!

They say ignorance is bliss.. Well outside of it being blissful, apparently it is also detrimental TO AN ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRY!!

Every thing that is happening to our country and economy right now is the direct result of a DUMB BITCH and her/his fucked up decision making!! They're the 1st to say, "I was a victim of predatory lending, and now I'm homeless" NO you DUMB BITCH you are a victim of ignorance!!! NOT predatory lending.. Yeah Bush was a wack ass President, probably the worst in history, however it is NOT HIS FAULT, Wall St.'s fault, or any other politicians fault that you are a DUMB IGNORANT ASS BITCH!!

Everyone wants a piece of the "American Dream" called HOME OWNERSHIP.. Now while their is essentially nothing wrong with owning a home.. Know RIGHT NOW that home ownership is NOT FOR EVERYONE.. I am going to make a list and if you can identify with any of the choices on this list you are a DUMB BITCH and are partially responsible for our economy being in the fucked up ass state that it is in..

Now for My List..

1. If you were in Landlord/Tenant COURT for NON-PAYMENT of rent (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
2. If you make $30,000 or less, & constantly complain about paying your $800-$1300 rent (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
3. If you let some dumb motherfucker with an even smaller I.Q. and less of an education than you, convince you that not only are you ready to own a home but can afford to pay a $3500 + mortgage, when you are currently struggling to pay your rent (ranges above) (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
4. If you are on welfare and view this as a career (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
5. If keeping your kids, & woman/man fly/fresh is more important to you (keeping up with the Jones's) than paying your bills (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
6. If your cell phone bill is paid, you got on your fresh new outfit & are own your way to the club, BUT your rent isn't paid (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
7. If you still have to ask, "How do I find out my credit score" (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
8. If you're credit score is less that 650, but yet and still "you think" you should qualify for %100 financing, and are confused when you don't get it (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
9. If you have attended credit counseling and or have completed some sort of credit counseling program, but your credit is still fucked up (YOU ARE NOT READY TO OWN A HOME)
10. If AFTER reading this, all you can say is.. WTF is a credit score? (THEN TRUST AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU, THAT NOT ONLY ARE YOU NOT READY BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE READY TO OWN A HOME) My 6 year old knows WTF a credit score is, you ignorant bitch!!

Well that's all I have to say about that, any questions you DUMB BITCH!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DUMB BITCHES who allow their world to REVOLVE around MEN!!

I don't even know where to start with these particular DUMB BITCHES..

Okay Ladies.. We all know one of these, you call her and ask her if she wants to go out to grab a bite to eat, or have a few drinks, or maybe even a movie and what's the VERY 1st THING this DUMB BITCH says.. Oh, that sounds cool BUT let me call "FILL IN NAME HERE" to make sure we're NOT doing anything.. I'm like okay, did you guys have plans or at least maybe even discuss going out tonight, and what does she say .. Oh, no but I just want to make "SURE" he doesn't want to do anything.. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! These DUMB BITCHES get under my fucking skin with their needy, desperate, and pathetic fucking behavior!! LISTEN UP YOU DUMB BITCH, if that motherfucker wanted to go out with you he would have told you so already, and if he is in the habbit of calling you last minute, then you're an even bigger DUMB BITCH than I originally thought, because this would mean not only does your world revolve around him, but that you are at his beck and call as well!! STOP allowing your world to revolve around him!! If one of your friends calls you up and says lets roll, if that motherfucker hasn't called you to do anything just fucking go with her, because I'll tell you what's going to happen, when he calls and you're out he's going to APPRECIATE the fact that you have your own fucking life and that you are not entirely CO-DEPENDENT on him!! It's OKAY to have a fucking life!! Because at the end of the day, when that same motherfucker does some fucked up shit to you, who is the 1st person you call?? That's right that same friend that you insist on treating as a 2nd class citizen!! Meanwhile when you call him what does he say to you, you DUMB BITCH?? Oh I'm with Craig and them WHEN WE FINISH I'll call you back then, because guess what.. When he has plans with his friends he's sticking to them, because he already knows THAT YOU WILL BE RIGHT THERE WAITING ON HIM LIKE THE DUMB BITCH YOU ARE!!!

NEXT.. If you make plans with your girlfriends to go somewhere and he calls you the day of and says lets go somewhere, Instead of saying OKAY LIKE THE DESPERATE EAGER BEAVER YOU ARE, say well honey, I already have plans for tonight, but if you want I can come over when I'M DONE or we can hang out tomorrow!! STOP ALLOWING YOUR WORLD TO REVOLVE AROUND HIM!! Because I can guarantee you THAT HIS WORLD DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER REVOLVE AROUND YOU, YOU DUMB DESPERATE BITCH!! And another thing, do NOT invite him along!! Your girlfriends want to hang out with YOU not with YOU & YOUR MAN, and if you're single friend is always encouraging you to invite your man out with the two of you.. WATCH YOUR BACK YOU DUMB BITCH, because she's TRYING TO FUCK HIM AND USE YOUR DUMB ASS TO GET TO HIM!! Most women DO NOT want to go out with YOU & YOUR MAN if she DOES NOT HAVE AN ESCORT OF HER OWN!!! Please stop being NAIVE you DUMB BITCH!! Learn how to read in between the lines!!

Just remember this, you can be a GOOD WOMAN to your man with out allowing your world to revolve around him!! And just because you are alone, does not mean that you have to feel lonely!! Learn how to enjoy your solitude and your own company.. NO ONE LIKES A CLINGY BITCH!! Get it? Got it? Good!!

Another thing ladies.. If this DUMB BITCH is your friend DON'T be afraid to ask her.. Damn BITCH does YOUR WORLD HAVE TO REVOLVE around him?? Ughhh.. Get a grip and find a fucking clue, you're in the house ALONE because apparently he's too busy for you!! UNLIKE YOU HE HAS A FUCKING LIFE, YOU DUMB BITCH!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH


This post is dedicated to one of my wonderful and faithful readers.. Keep your head up BabyBoy and stay on your grind!! (YES Men do support the MsSoSick MOVEMENT!!)

Your BM sounds like a DUMB BITCH, but just ignore that naggin ass bitch because when the checks start rolling in she's going to be your #1 FAN, trust and believe that!!

I'm not sure if the two of you are still together, but if you are, you can appease her and put her worries to rest by showing her that no matter where you are and what you're doing she's always on your mind.. We WOMEN, love that!! Send her flowers, or just send her a text saying I love you, and I just wanted you to know that you're on my mind.. Or something to that effect.

Now if you're not with her anymore.. Tell the DUMB BITCH to go kick rocks because you're a GROWN MAN on your GROWN GRIND and you simply have no time to entertain her pathetic bitter ass!!

In any event money talks and bullshit walks so until you get signed and that paper starts rolling in, as far as she's concerned you are wasting time.. yours and hers!! So please believe, that the nagging will NOT stop until 1. you are paid (and then their will be a different type of nagging) or 2. You give up your dreams of grandeur and settle for an ordinary life with a woman who apparently doesn't love you enough to believe in your dreams. The choice is yours!! I personally would chose the 1st!!

Stay strong BabyBoy!! And the best of luck to you!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Monday, April 20, 2009

You are a size 22 NOT a size 2 YOU DUMB BITCH

Okay Ladies.. I'm not even sure why I have to say this, but apparently after the bullshit I payed witness to this past weekend I DO HAVE TO SAY THIS!!

If YOU are a size 22 you CAN NOT FOR ANY REASON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WEAR FASHIONS DESIGNED FOR A size 2 You DUMB BITCH!! It looks fucking disgusting, every time I see one of you DUMB BITCHES it makes my fucking stomach turn!! Cut that BULLSHIT out!! What you may not know or even believe is that if you are a size 22 and you actually wear clothes in your size designed for your body type you would look so much better! If you're a BIG BITCH embrace your size and wear it well, you're not fooling anyone by wearing shit that shows your 3 stomachs and 4 back rolls!! Now while you are serving as a great joke and conversation piece you are also embarrassing all of the other big girls of the world!! When the world looks at you, you know what happens, they shake their heads, look away in disgust, and say to their friend look over there at that DUMB BITCH & she think that shit looks good, that Bitch ain't go no real friends!! Then they snap a photo of you forward it to me and I have to do the 54321 BLAST OFF on your ass and post it on MY BLOG!! Now do you want that?? LMAO not really!!

If you are a size 22 STOP telling people you are a size 12!! Bitch we know what a size 12 looks like and it don't look like you!! So just fucking stop!! If you want to be a size 12 or for that matter even a size 2 work on it!! Get surgery, develop an eating disorder, go on a diet, work it out, whatever BUT DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Because you are not fooling anyone with your too tight clothing 3 stomachs and 4 back rolls!!

Now, because I mean business, from this point on I will be traveling with not only a digital camera but a video camera as well. I will be taking photos and video footage of you DUMB BITCHES and I will be airing you out on MY BLOG, so if you do not want this to be your fate..HEED MY WARNING!! Because I'm gunning for you DUMB BITCHES, and when I catch you, I will make sure that the world sees you in all of your FAT, DISGUSTING, DUMB BITCH GLORY!! LMFAO

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This post is dedicated to one of my wonderful and faithful readers..

Okay.. So, I got your e-mail and I understand your dilemma because you love him.. But this is the thing... A liar will ALWAYS be a liar.. & A tiger NEVER changes it's stripes... From what you wrote it seems like he's always going to play you on 2nd base! When he had the psycho gf you were forced to play 2nd base.. Until she dumped his good for nothing DUMB BITCH ASS & then he wanted to put you on 1st!?! Then when the new chic at the job came along he put you right back on 2nd base yet again!! It's NOT IMPOSSIBLE BUT it is VERY HARD to play 1st base when you've already allowed yourself to be played on 2nd!! And, the fact that he was so willing and able to go back to his ex is also another BAD THING!! If he ever really wanted to be with you and really wanted you to be his #1 he would have NEVER gone back to her.. EVEN with you telling him that, that was the right thing for him to do!! If he really wanted to be with you he would have said FUCK THAT SKANK it's all about ME & YOU!! And, he would've NEVER looked back at that psycho HOE!!

You are convenient, that's why he can come to you when ever he is feeling down and out, because even though you may not tell him and you do your best to hide it, he can see that you love him, and that soothes his bruised ego! So now, he's hitting you back 4 months later and you want to know what you should do.. THIS IS WHERE YOU GET YOUR CHANCE TO GET SOME GET BACK!! I'm not sure of you're situation.. But the best way to hurt a man is to USE him and DISCARD him.. Now you can't do this and not get rid of him because this will put you right back into a DUMB BITCH situation.. Tell him you need something.. anything.. EXPENSIVE CLOTHES, BAG, SHOES, YOUR RENT PAID, YOUR CAR NOTE, MORTGAGE.AN ALL EXPENSES PAID VACATION... Something, anything.. If he is really worried about getting back into your good graces he'll pay like the stupid fucking douche bag he is!! But if he really thinks he got it like that, he WONT but will keep pressing to see you.. DO NOT SEE HIM WITH OUT BEING COMPENSATED!! Tell him, unfortunately at this time you have NO TIME FOR LAME BITCH ASS NIGGAS and what he needs to do is LOSE YOUR FUCKING #, GET A GRIP AND FIND A FUCKING CLUE!!! If he is willing to compensate you... TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER FOR EVERYTHING YOU CAN.. And then hit him with the.. Sorry Boo, I have NO TIME FOR YOU!! Because I'm a REAL BITCH & REAL BITCHES DO REAL THINGS!! So, kick rocks motherfucker!! AND NEVER EVER TAKE HIS CALL OR ACKNOWLEDGE his presence again!!

I guarantee that he may never have another kind word for you, but in the end he'll know that he got played like the DUMB BITCH ASS NIGGA that he really is!

Remember this..NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE SOMEONES "OPTION" IF THEY ARE YOUR PRIORITY!! Playing 2nd base/runner up just makes you THE 1ST PLACE LOSER!! And really.. who wants that!!?

Good luck, and please let me know how everything works out!! Stay strong DIVA!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH


Let me get this straight... You are nobody living some where in somebody's ghetto yet you think you're so fucking important that you need to have a private/locked profile on Twitter?? Word?? LMFAO @ you and you're false sense of importance!!

Despite the fact that their are REAL CELEBRITIES on TWITTER who will converse with practically any and everyone, you think that what you say and do is sooooooooo fucking important and G4 classified that you dare not let the rest of the world in on it, LMAO you are so fucking funny, CTFU ROFLMAO you are sooooo damn funny you DUMB BITCH!! OMG I'm about to piss my pants because I'm laughing at you so fucking hard!! HAHAHA

Well I just had to get that off my chest because it tickles me pink when I see someone has a "private" Twitter profile!!

Word to the wise.. setting your profile on Twitter to private doesn't give you the air of grandeur you were looking/hoping to achieve, LMAO it just lets the rest of the world know, that not only are you a douche bag feigning importance, but you're a REAL DUMB BITCH too!! LMFAO!!! Damn that's some funny shit.. Bitch is being followed by NO ONE important is following like 1 fucking person who is even LESS IMPORTANT than she is, but her Twitter profile is "private"?? No you DUMB BITCH your Twitter profile is PATHETIC!! OMG I have to go, I think I just pissed my pants!!! LMFAO

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Friday, April 17, 2009

SUPPORT THE NEW LaLa Vazquez Project!!

Hey All..

Please be sure to go out and support the NEW LaLa Vazquez Project she's a REAL DIVA on her grind and she can serve as a great role model and motivation to many!!

The film is THE MIKE TYSON DOCUMENTARY!!! The premiere got stellar reviews so when it hits the big screen please go out and support!

She's a real lady, a mother, & a DIVA too!! Lets start supporting each other in a positive way!!

Congratulations and the best of luck to LaLa on her new endeavour!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

You confuse me DUMB BITCH

Okay so.. what I don't get is what the fuck were you doing in your 20's you DUMB BITCH!! Seriously, were you getting fucking high or something?? I mean I really don't fucking get it.. Okay we know for a fact that you were not getting an education because you are one DUMB UNEDUCATED ASS BITCH, we know you weren't climbing the corporate ladder because the state has you working for your check now in your mid-late 30's.. We know you weren't busy pissing out kids because you only have one to show.. So again DUMB BITCH I must say.. You confuse me.. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING WITH YOURSELF IN YOUR 20's!! You are such a fucking disgrace you DUMB BITCH, you repulse and disgust me on so many different fucking levels.. You're a sorry excuse for a woman, and a mother, you are just plain fucking pathetic!! You are a waste of space! Seriously.. You are one DUMB BITCH!!

You know why you are where you are today you DUMB BITCH?? Of course you don't because if you did you wouldn't be such a DUMB BITCH!! You are where you are because you are a fucking leech! A user! A nobody that wont ever be anybody!! That is why you are where the fuck you are and that is why half way through your pathetic little fucking life you have nothing to show for it!! I can't even laugh at you because I'm too busy throwing up in my own mouth out of the disgust I feel for you!! And the saddest part about it is that you still don't get it, you still don't see the error of your ways.. You are such a fucking embarrassment you DUMB BITCH, to any and everyone that knows you!!

I have NO words of encouragement for you, no advice, I have nothing... You are truly a lost cause.. The only thing I can suggest for a DUMB BITCH of your magnitude is Suicide!! Do the world a favor.. Go Jump Off a Bridge you DUMB BITCH!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Angie Martinez of HOT97 was on some REAL DUMB BITCH SHIT TODAY!!

This DUMB BITCH rant is dedicated to none other than Angie Martinez of the NYC Hot97 Radio Station!

Okay so let me get this straight.. You like Cassie's new cut.. No.. You LOVE Cassie's new cut.. BUT Chic's in the street shouldn't run out and get it?? And why is that Ms. Martinez?? Because Cassie is BETTER than them, because Cassie looks BETTER than them?? Please elaborate on why and how you love Cassie's new do sooooo much but you don't THINK in YOUR opinion that anyone else should do it??

I'll tell you why.. Because you know like I know that the shit looks fucking RETARDED and that the ONLY fucking reason you are Co-SIGNING it is BECAUSE it's CASSIE and you're a fucking DICK RIDER!! That's why!! Don't get me wrong I think Cassie is cute.. But I see MUCH prettier girls in the streets EVERY FUCKING DAY!! There is absolutely NOTHING that Cassie can do, that any other regular every day chic on the street can't do!! Sorry to burst you Celeb Dick Riding Bubble But Cassie is so NOT hot!! LMAO Diddy makes her hot.. That Chic is a fucking wreck, or do you so quickly forget how she embarrassed herself on BET!! LMAO Please get off of Cassie's dick! If you want to co-sing her hairdo that's fine but know that in supporting her you are encouraging all of these young Chic's out here with NO FASHION SENSE or DIRECTION to go SHAVE HALF THE FUCKING HAIR ON THEIR HEADS OFF!!

I do agree that she did it for attention, because other than doing something that fucking absurd and ridiculous would you or anyone else for that matter have paid her any attention..AHHH NO!! Because the Chic is weak!! LMAO I don't blame or fault poor Cassie for doing what she did, I mean shit what ever works, is what I say.. But cosign it, say I love it NEVER!!! When Miss Info sent me the pic I was like WTF is wrong with that FUCKTARD.. But then I remembered.. Desperate times call for desperate measures and you know like I know that, that BITCH is DESPERATE for attention!! LMAO .. Lord knows her record career wasn't getting her any!! HAHAHA..

In any event that was some REAL DUMB BITCH shit you did today by co-signing, only because it was fake, and you let the world know it was a fake co-sign as soon as you said.. but you Chic's in the streets shouldn't do it!! LMAO Why Angie why shouldn't they..? Especially when you LOVE it sooooo damn much!! LOL.. I have an even better idea.. since you LOVE it sooooo damn much go shave off half the hair on your head.. YOU DUMB BITCH!!! Ughhh I hate fake, band wagon jumping, celebrity dick riding DUMB ASS BITCHES like you Angie Martinez!!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

WTF makes you THINK I forgot that DUMB BITCH shit you tried to pull on ME!!

Hey All..

One of my favorite and faithful readers emailed me today about some bullshit that 2 DUMB BITCHES she knows are on!! And as The (I HATE DUMB BITCHES CLUB PRESIDENT) it is my duty to put these 2 DUMB BITCHES on FULL FUCKING BLAST!!

First off.. Listen up you DUMB BITCH (Jen is your name) You are nothing more than a fucking SWAGGA HATER!! And frankly I'm tired of your kind!! You are a fuckin Rat, a Roach, SCUM of the fucking earth!! That is what the fuck you are.. Why don't you TRY stepping up your motherfucking game BEFORE you try to hate and Swagga Jack someone else!! You will never be more than a HATING ASS BITCH because you are too fucking stupid and pathetic to ever be anything else!! WTF makes you think you can do some DUMB BITCH shit to a REAL BITCH & she's going to just forget about it and sweep it under the rug?? Bitch what kind of FUCKTARD are you!?! Then you wanna holla at a Bitch on Facebook on some what's up wit you type shit?!? Bitch are you serious?? I seriously hope not.. You cosigned on your friend fucking one of your associates men!! Bitch you are the worse!! You will always be a bottom feeder and NO REAL BITCH will ever give you the time of day because you are so not worth it!!! You're a LOSER and you will forever play catch up, because you will never be able to KEEP UP with a REAL BITCH!! Accept who and what you are.. A DUMB BITCH!!

NEXT.. Lets just call this particular DUMB BITCH.. The Waffle Maker (LMAO inside jk)
You know what Waffle Maker, you are pathetic and you reek of desperation, LMAO you are chasing a man that REAL BITCHES laugh at, you are chasing a man.. THAT DOESN'T WANT YOU!! LMAO You call yourself a friend but sweetie you can't be a real friend if your trying to fuck your so called friends JUMP OFF!! Bitch are you fucking retarded or are you just that fucking stupid and desperate.. Really, explain it to me.. because I just don't fucking get it!! You are one fuckin DUMB ASS BITCH!! That is why you are lonely, that is why NO REAL NIGGA will ever fuck with you.. And that is why the ONLY REAL BITCH you know or should I say knew because bitch you are so yesterday's news.. doesn't fuck with you anymore!! LMAO @ you because not only are you pathetic, stupid, and dumb but because you will probably read this and it will go directly over your head!! HAHAHAH Get a grip and find a clue you DUMB BITCH!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Excerpts FROM I Love My TAN By: Mz Honey Taylor

Hey All.. Below please find excerpts from I Love My Tan By: Mz. Honey Taylor. She and I share A LOT of the same sentiments!! The book will be coming out next month and I will be sure to keep you all updated! Enjoy!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

ok here are two self TANners (sure ways to end up with a TAN) that are closely related:
* Being stupid.
A man who realizes that you will allow him to do whatever he wants and you’ll accept it, is definitely a TAN. Definitely. So as long as you got a man who you allow to creep off and run around with whom ever he pleases then come back home to you at any hour of the night he’ll remain a TAN.
For example: Hypothetically, if you KNOW that your man spent the night with another woman the day before your family vacation and he comes in the next morning smelling like her on the inside and out and you don’t even put up a tiny little fight. He’s not gon’ change. If all it takes is a few bottles of drank, a couple nights of fucking in a rented cabin and a few pictures of yall smiling lookin happy in the snow to make you happy then you’re stupid and you are the epitome of what a TAN is looking for. Again that was hypothetically speaking. Please don’t be stupid!

* Cashing out
Repeatedly giving out money to keep a man is like repeatedly hooking a fish with bait. You will definitely catch a TAN with this method. Don’t consTANtly pay for his car, his phone, his food, his rent etc…! No solid ass man is going to keep asking you for money time and time again. Yes a couple times is fine, but damn if he’s telling you that you can’t even come see him without breaking him off with some bread then girl keep your money and treat your self to something nice. Shit maybe you should go buy a vibrator or something because you don’t need to be fuckin on that TAN no more.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Many Clues does it take for a DUMB BITCH NIGGA to get it!?!

Hey Ladies..

Now I know I'm not alone on this topic.. How many times have you tried to give a DUMB ASS NIGGA subtle hints that you are NOT interested in him?? And no matter how PC you try to be he just completely disregards your hints and insists on pursuing you to no avail obviously?? Is that not THE MOST ANNOYING shit EVER?? Ughhh

Listen here you DUMB ASS NIGGA if a woman likes you she will let you know.. If she isn't giving you ANY FUCKING RHYTHM what so ever.. THEN BACK THE FUCK OFF!! Fall back and play your fucking position.. LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!!! If you give her your # and she doesn't use it, she doesn't even mention the fact that you gave it to her.. SHE's NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!! If she liked you she would call you or at least let you know she got the # and will call you soon, or at least say thank you for the #.. SHE WILL GIVE YOU SOME SORT OF HINT!!! If she likes you.. If she SAYS AND DOES NOTHING she DOESN'T LIKE you.. FALL THE FUCK BACK.. FUCK OFF.. AND LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!!! The more you press the issue the MORE DESPERATE YOU LOOK!! And, please believe she's told ALL of her friends how fucking annoying you are, how she doesn't like you, and how you have 1 more time to press her before she hurts your fucking feelings!! Oh, and please believe YOU are the butt of all her jokes!! They are all laughing at you!!

Another thing you DUMB ASS NIGGA.. If a woman has a man, or is on a public forum MySpace, Facebook, Twitter what ever and lists her status as IN A RELATIONSHIP that means she doesn't want to be bothered!! LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!! If a woman wants to be pursued trust me when I tell you she is listing her status as SINGLE!! NOT married, engaged, or otherwise unavailable!! NOBODY LIKES A DESPERATE ASS NIGGA!! It's actually quite an UNATTRACTIVE QUALITY!! So just stop, and be still.. RE-EVALUATE the situation.. Ask yourself.. Damn, how fucking pathetic and desperate do I seem right now?? I keep giving this chic hints that I'm interested and she keeps brushing me off!! The ANSWER..REALLY FUCKING PATHETIC YOU DUMB BITCH ASS NIGGA!!! LMAO @ you, ill you disgust me!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pathetic Dumb Bitches

Dumb Bitches let me clue your simple asses in on something, LMAO.. You may be able to lie to yourself and convince yourself that your own untruths are the truth.. However, the world sees you as you are.. NOT as you would like to be seen.

We see a pathetic DUMB BITCH that's full of shit, that's so ashamed to be who she is that she makes up stories of grandeur to appear to be more than what and who she truly is..

It's sad, you're sad, you're a sad pathetic DUMB ASS BITCH!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Monday, April 6, 2009

STOP lowering the bar you DUMB BITCH!!

Hey All!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.. I enjoyed mine ;o)

In any event.. Today, I want to rant and rave about DUMB BITCHES that insist on lowering the bar because they have NO self-worth or they have NO CLUE as to what their worth is..

I'll tell you why I hate these particular DUMB ASS BITCHES.. I hate them because when a nigga that used to fuck with them approaches me.. He's caught off guard.. See because of that DUMB BITCH he's used to NOT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING.. he is used to being praised for being mediocre.. I ONLY PRAISE greatness!! I don't give a fuck if you're a father to your children.. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THAT DUMB ASS!! I don't care if you pay the rent.. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO PAY THAT DUMB ASS!! I don't give a fuck if any man does what HE IS SUPPOSED TO DO, because who the fuck praises me for doing what the fuck I'm supposed to do??? NO ONE that's who!

But these pathetic ass bitches who ain't use to shit.. praise these simple motherfuckers for everything.. SO when he run up on a REAL BITCH like me.. What's the 1st thing he says.. YOU'RE SPOILED.. YOU WANT TOO MUCH.. DAMN AM I SUPPOSED TO DO EVERYTHING?? DAMN NIGGAS REALLY DO ALL THAT?? AHHH YEAH MOTHERFUCKER THEY DO!! It takes GREATNESS TO FUCK WITH GREATNESS!! And I my dear..AM FUCKING GREAT!! I hate bitches that ain't used to shit.. so when a nigga take her dumb ass through the drive thru she has to call and "brag" I'm like damn.. not only are you a DUMB BITCH but you're PATHETIC and you're fucking up the game for a REAL BITCH like ME!! Ughhh.. I hate these bitches, they get on my fucking nerves.. and because they haven't figured out how to be a real bitch such as myself... what do they do.. That's right.. HATE because that's all a DUMB BITCH like that can do.. Is HATE on MY GREATNESS.. Don't hate you DUMB BITCH..STEP UP YOUR MOTHERFUCKING GAME!!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

New Posts Coming Tomorrow!!

Hey All...

Sorry I've been neglecting you.. But rest assured that I'm gonna have some real good shit for you come tomorrow!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and managed to stay clear of DUMB BITCH situations!!

I know I did!! Owwww

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Merchandise Coming Soon!!

T-Shirts & Hats ALL personalized with MY FABULOUS LOGO and different DUMB BITCH sayings will be AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE SOON!!

Right here on

Stay Tuned For More Info!!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH


Hey All..

This post is about UNGRATEFUL ASS MEN!!! Yeah Ya'll know the type!!! And I'm about to put all their little UNGRATEFUL ASSES on motherfucking BLAST!!

I can't stand you UNGRATEFUL FUCKTARDS!! You walk around acting like you are God's gift to women, when ALL YOU REALLY ARE IS A FUCKING BURDEN!! Your woman puts up with you, because she LOVES YOU.. NOT because she can't find another man.. Let me rephrase.. NOT because she can't find a man... Because lets face it.. WE ALL KNOW THAT YOU ARE NO MAN!! JUST A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR ONE!! What You need to do, is a get a grip, and find a fucking clue!! You're a fucking loser and a disgrace to all REAL MEN!! You want to know why Your woman doesn't want to fuck You much less suck your nasty ass dick?? Because YOU FUCKING DISGUST HER!! Every time she look at you.. all she wants to do is VOMIT!!! Just the fucking sight of you makes her want to slap the fucking shit out of your good for nothing lazy ass!! YOU ARE DEAD FUCKING WEIGHT YOU DUMB BITCH ASS NIGGA!!

And for all of you Motherfuckers, that go to jail and complain about how your woman up and left you, this is WHY!! BECAUSE the DUMB BITCH motherfucker that came before you left a DISGUSTING TASTE IN HER MOUTH!!! She did ALL OF THAT FUCKING TIME WITH HIM!!!!! And for what?? SO he could turn around and FUCK A 16 YEAR OLD!!! Yeah.. He thought she wouldn't find out... hehehe ;o/ BUT SHE DID.. AND SHE WHIPPED HIS MOTHERFUCKING ASS WITH AN EXTENSION CHORD!!! LMAO.. That's right she BEAT THAT MOTHERFUCKER like he stole something!!! HAHAHAH.. Serves his DUMB BITCH ASS right!! Stupid Ass Ungrateful Motherfucker!!!


When your woman comes home tonight... Have the house cleaned, and dinner cooked, LMAO because face it..YOU'RE THE BITCH IN THIS RELATIONSHIP!!! You Dumb Ungrateful Motherfucker!!!


Ms I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH