Sunday, May 31, 2009

So many DUMB BITCHES So little time..

Hey All,

So sorry I've been neglectful, but planning a star studded launch party can become a little time consuming!!

Oh and did I mention.. The Prince of NY DJ Self is going to be in the building and spinning on the 1's & 2's.. Oh that's right I didn't, oh well I just did!! Shout out to Geo, Self, and Da Union!! Lets get it gwinnin!! Oww

I'm going to have so many surprises and prizes for you guys & gals at MY LAUNCH PARTY that you're not going to know what to do with yourselves other than worship the ground I walk on!! Oww HAHAHAHA

It's a HOSTILE TakeOver and it's coming to NYC August 2009!!!

Okay.. now back to the matter at hand!

So in my absence I have encountered soooo many DUMB BITCHES that I am truly beside myself!!

Okay.. So I'm trying to figure out why in the fuck is my BabyDaddy other BabyMama (Ghetto I know) trying to be my motherfuckin friend on facebook when we're NOT even friends in real fucking life?!? Seriously bitch, did you fall and bump your motherfuckin head?? WE ARE NOT FRIENDS, WE NEVER HAVE BEEN, AND WE NEVER WILL BE!! 3 years ago on Christmas morning we were outside fighting like wild animals.. Hmm 3 weeks ago you saw me and acted like you were too scared to speak until I had to shout you out with the most condescending hello.. And 3 days ago you request my friendship on Facebook?!? What kind of misguided fucktard are you?? Bitch I didn't say hi to you because I've suddenly had a change of heart and want to be your friend!! Bitch if you're going to be bold enough to roll up on my block to drop my daughter off, be bold enough to open your fucking mouth and speak with out fearing that I'm going to shove my fist down your fucking throat and leave your tacky ass weave hanging again!!! Ughhh Get a grip and find a fucking clue!! I don't do, or cosign fake shit! We are NOT friends in REAL LIFE and I will NOT pretend to be your motherfucking friend on FACEBOOK!! I mean really why the fuck would I want you on my personal REAL FRIENDS PAGE all up in my motherfucking business?? Ill, get it, got it, GOOD!! Yikes... How long is this chic going to play the DUMB BITCH role?!? I mean seriously you would think by now she realizes I'm a deranged, bipolar, and violent BITCH!!

Okay and last but not least.. And I know I've bitched about this before.. But OH FUCKIN WELL, I'm bitching about it AGAIN!! If you are 35+ years old and you're still comparing yourself and your state of mind to that of a teenagers... you're a DUMB ASS BITCH, you're not sexy, you're not smart, you're not classy, you are just a DUMB ASS BITCH!! I'm sorry.. but a word to the DUMB & apparently fucking clueless.. You CAN'T be his "Ride or Die Chick" if you can't even RIDE for your motherfucking self!! You are a DUMB DELUSIONAL and PATHETIC ass BITCH!! You really need to get a grip, find a clue, and get your fucking priorities in order, you are a grown ass woman and your life is in fucking shambles.. And I guess you haven't heard but that whole, I'm gonna fake it until I make it, doesn't apply to DUMB ASS BITCHES like you that aren't making it any further than the nearest fucking welfare line!! Ughhh You disgust me!!

Okay folks.. That's it for now, I'm about to hit the streets and fuck shit up for real!! Love you all.. until next time.. Stay Fierce, Focused, & Fabulous.. Like Me ;o)

Kisses Bitches
Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BICTH

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lesbians hitting on STRAIGHT women..

Okay I'm not really sure how many of you this applies to, but it most certainly applies to me as well as a few other straight women I know.

Listen up LESBIANS.. STRAIGHT women ARE NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!! Now, I'm not saying that you are not entitled to being attracted to whom ever you are attracted to, be it straight or gay, what I am saying is STRAIGHT women are NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!! Get it, Got it, GOOD!!

When you come on even stronger than a man it's really fucking disgusting and you just really come off as a DUMB DESPERATE BITCH, pay your compliment and keep it moving! You are NOT going to strong arm a straight chic into being with you!! Just because you have a pussy too doesn't make your unwanted advances okay, in fact it makes it worse. Even though you like to eat pussy you would still think your simple asses would understand that women do not like to be harassed!! Leave straight women the fuck alone!! Stick to other gay women that will enjoy your advances, because straight women DO NOT!! Get it, Got it, Good!!

You are NOT going to convince a straight woman to eat pussy or let you eat hers because straight women find that FUCKING DISGUSTING!! Now if you do manage to come on to a "straight" woman and she falls for it.. Ahh she wasn't straight!! She was already curious and you gave her an excuse and opportunity to explore that curiosity... But know this NOT ALL WOMEN ARE CURIOUS!! Real Straight Women have NO FUCKING DESIRE to find out what bitch on bitch love is all about.. So FALL THE FUCK BACK & leave straight women the fuck alone!! Is that so much or too much to ask for, pay your compliment if you must AND THEN KEEP IT FUCKIN MOVING!! We don't want to hear what you can do, and what makes you more skilled than a man! Frankly.. WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK, because pussy is not our thing!! Understand that, accept that, apply it to your life and move the fuck on!!

All of that extra aggressiveness is really unattractive, and unappealing.. NO ONE LIKES TO BE HARASSED!! And, if you still don't get what I'm saying.. Look at it this way.. Do you really want to hear a MAN tell you how he will DIG your back out with his big dick and fuck you so good you'll never want to lick another clit again??? Ahhhh NO you DON'T because DICK is not your thing!! Well that's how we feel.. PUSSY IS NOT OUR THING!! Leave us THE FUCK ALONE!!

Now the next time one of you DUMB BITCHES approach me and or one of my other straight friends with your over aggressive bullshit You will get put on BLAST we are going to start taking pictures and naming names.. We are going to let the world know just how pathetic and disgusting we find your advances and we will most definitely let the world know that you are nothing more than a PATHETIC DUMB ASS BITCH that is WAY out of her motherfucking lane!!

So my advice to all of you over aggressive Lesbians.. is to FALL THE FUCK BACK BITCH!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Friday, May 15, 2009

The HOSTILE TakeOver coming to a city near YOU!!

Are you Fierce, Focused, & Fabulous or Just Another DUMB BITCH!?! A book by MsSoSick coming to a book store near you!

The Official LAUNCH PARTY for the MsSoSick Website/Book Release/& Birthday Bash is going down in NYC on August 29th!! Stay tuned for details!!

We're shutting the city down for a night in honor of ALL My real Bitches living life in "The Diva Lane"!!

Upscale Red Carpet Event! Featuring a Celebrity Hostess, Celebrity Performances, Celebrity Guest, & a Cruise Give A Way!!

If you're not up on the MsSoSick movement yet.. YOU DAMN WELL SHOULD BE!!

It's a HOSTILE TakeOVER and it's coming to a city near You NEXT!!

Kisses Bitches

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

UGLY ASS NIGGAS that ONLY want to date Pretty Girls

Ya'll motherfuckers is straight trippin!!

LMAO, okay I don't get this.. Ugly ape ass lookin motherfuckers that ONLY want to date pretty women. Sometimes I look at them, and I'm like motherfucker are you really serious right now!?! Have you checked a mirror lately!?! Do you not realize YOU are one of those same ugly motherfuckers your despise?!?

They have to be fucking kidding me!?! What kind of DUMB BITCH shit is that! You're an ugly motherfucker that refuses to date other ugly motherfuckers?? LMAO, seriously dude, you need to date any fucking woman who is blind enough to give you the time of day!?! Who the fuck are you to be choosy with your ugly fucking ass!! And you're broke on top of it!! Nigga are you fucking crazy?!?

Picking and choosing is reserved for the beautiful people of the world, like me! Not the ugly, like you!! LMAO

And fat motherfuckers, that don't like fat women, LMAO are you serious.. You want a bitch with a 6 pack but you're sporting a JUG?!? LOL Unless you're filthy fucking rich, what the fuck makes you think a bitch with a 6 pack wants your fat, ugly, nasty, sour smelling, out of shape ass?? Are you fucking crazy or are you just that fucking delusional!

I know you hear them when you're in the club, at the bar, on public transportation, looking all ugly, fucked up, and broke down talkin bout, shorty wasn't even hot.. NIGGA YOU NOT HOT EITHER!! LMAO, Oh my God, I don't know where these crazy motherfuckers come from!

Ladies have you ever been walking down the street, and some bumb, whack ass Nigga tries to talk to you, and you politely keep it moving without saying a word or showing any signs of your disgust? And what happens.. LMAO that's right he screams out "Fuck you Bitch you ain't all that anyway, My girl look better than you"! LMMFAO Word son, your "girl" look better than me?? LMAO I so highly doubt that.. and I'm going to tell you why.. My Man drives a brand new truck.. So why would I holla at a Nigga in a 1990 Neon to then scream out fuck you My man ride is better than yours!! LMAO it just wouldn't happen because it doesn't make sense! Everyone wants an upgrade NO ONE wants to DOWNgrade! So the likelihood of your "girl" whom I am sure is only a figment of your imagination, looking better that me, just isn't very likely at all! LMAO

What's more likely, is you have no job, no money, no girl, you live with your mother, and you pay the local project whore to suck your dick with loosies!

Get a grip, and find a clue.. You are an UGLY DUMB BITCH ASS NIGGA who could never get play from a real BITCH even if you were to pay in advance!

Sloppy seconds isn't only your best option, but your ONLY option.. Well either that or you can just continue beating your dick until it falls the fuck off!! HAHAHA

Kisses Bitches
Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I want to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to ALL; Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, Stepmothers, Adoptive Mothers, Foster Mothers, Surrogate Mothers, Single Mothers, Married Mothers, Divorced Mothers, Separated Mothers, Widowed Mothers, Forgotten Mothers, and ALL MY ABUSED MOTHERS IN Domestic Violence SHELTERS ACROSS THE WORLD!!

Kisses Bitches!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Do you know what the Passport Card is? Do you need one? Should you get one? FIND OUT!!

Do you know what the Passport Card is?

Because, MsSoSick is getting ready to take YOU.. On a Trip, around the world!! And if a Bitch ain't ready a Bitch gets left!!

Find out what the Passport Card is and whether or not you should get one, if you don't already have a traditional Passport!

Kisses Bitches!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

OCTO-MOM Nominated for the HIGHLY Coveted position as the 2009 DUMB BITCH of THE YEAR!!

Okay, I'm sure at this point you've all heard of this DUMB BITCH that goes by the name OCTO-MOM. Her real name is (Nadya) Sulman, which pisses me the FUCK off because that's MY FUCKING NAME! (different spelling) But in any event it's still the same fucking name, and I don't fucking appreciate this DUMB BITCH bearing my fucking name!! She is a disgrace to all of the Nadya's of the world!! Ughh

In any event, for those of you that don't know who this DUMB BITCH is, here's a mini Bio.. Apparently this dizzy bitch already had 6 kids but went and got her self knocked up and pissed out 8 fucking more!!

Bitch are you fucking serious?!? What part of that plan seemed like a good fucking idea?? First off, why the fuck did you already have 6 fucking kids any damn way!?! What the fuck is your problem you FUCKTARD!?!

So now on top of all of this, the 6 + 8 to make OCTO-MOM, she can't find anything better to do with her time other than, going out and getting a fucking TATTOO?!? Bitch you have 14 fucking KIDS!! Getting a Tattoo should be at the bottom of your list!! No, what the fuck am I saying, getting a Tattoo shouldn't even be on your list!!

Lord Have Mercy on this DUMB BITCHES soul, because I am pretty certain she is headed straight to fucking hell, for this ridiculously SELFISH act!! Who the fuck needs and or wants 14 fucking kids? Bitch this ain't no third world country!! We have much better shit to do, than pissing out 14 kids here in these GREAT UNITED STATES!!

Well, I don't know how ya'll feel about the Bullshit, but I personally think, the DUMB BITCH needs the holy fucking shit beat out of her!

Here is a link of the bitch getting a Tattoo, with 14 stars.. Aww how thoughtful you DUMB BITCH!!

Nadya Sulman you are here by nominated and awarded the Title of The 2009 DUMB BITCH of THE YEAR!! Kudos, good job you FUCKTARD!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Sunday, May 3, 2009

WOW! You're not EVEN his Sideline Hoe/Jump Off!! DAMN you were JUST a WASTE of TIME..


Happy Sunday!!

Okay, so one of my wonderful and faithful readers just sent me an e-mail and really WOW is all I can say!

Ladies, I know I keep repeating myself, but its because most of you DUMB BITCHES just don't seem to fucking get it!!

I keep telling you, know your worth and play your position!

Now at the top of this list we have; THE WIFE ~ need I say more? Not really. Then we have; THE WOMAN/GIRLFRIEND/LADY FRIEND (whatever you get it) ~ need I say more? Not really. This is where it gets sketchy, then we have; THE SIDELINE HOE/JUMP OFF ~ now you DUMB BITCHES are way down the pole, and while some of you know your positions and play them, some of you get little out of pocket and attempt to behave like you're more that what you are, i.e. asking him questions, expecting holiday time, consistent phone calls, and quality time, when you know you're NOT ranked high enough to receive any of those things!! SHAME ON YOU! And last but not least, we have DUMB BITCHES with absolutely NO TITLE!! Now you know who you are! He may have fucked you once, or eaten the pussy once, or finger fucked you once, or let you suck his dick once, but after that one time he started playing you left. You know who you are ladies! And I'm not going to call you a one night stand, because maybe you've spoken to him and or seen him again, but he just wasn't feeling your vibe sexually. So what do you do, become extra dramatic! Go EXTRA HARD!! Beg him to FUCK you one more time because you just know, you can lock him in, if he just samples that kitty one more time, right? NOT!! BITCH he ain't feeling you, so get the fuck over it!! Move your low-self esteem having ass down the fucking line!! Because when a Nigga doesn't even think you're good enough to make you his "Sideline Hoe/Jump Off" Bitch you don't have a fighting chance in HELL! LMFAO I mean think about it.. He doesn't even think you're good enough to JUST FUCK or use you to get his DICK SUCKED!! LOL, where the fuck do you even think that situation can go?? NOWHERE, I hope!!

So, listen up you DUMB BITCH, if this is you, let it go! You're ONLY embarrassing yourself and giving my readers something to laugh at, YOU!!

Accept it and deal with. Your pussy is wack, your head game is weak, you've been used and excused, please exit stage LEFT!!! HAHAHA

Damn, you sure are some special kind of DUMB BITCH!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Saturday, May 2, 2009

DUMB simple ass BITCHES that need to learn when to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!


Okay so theirs this SIMPLE BITCH on Twitter goes by BossLadyWhite29 (Don't follow her because she's a stupid fucking CUNT of a DUMB BITCH)!!

In any event, this DUMB BITCH is on Twitter fighting with her sister, don't ask me why you would want to air family business on Twitter or exactly what the fight was about, because I know not and care not!

Now one of my peoples happened to be following them and broadcasts the fight.. So of course me being the NOSY BITCH that I am I begin following them both and fucking with the both of them. Nothing malicious it's all in good fun. In any event the sister of the DUMB BITCH I'm talking about is cool with one of my other peeps and she's handling the heckling in stride, meanwhile the DUMB BITCH is getting her panties in a bunch because I'm fucking with them, LMAO.

Then she's like I'm cool I'm not trippin, then she's like you need to get a life!! LMAO Me, get a life.. Let's see..

I've had a career on Wall St. (LICENSED for 9 YEARS) I'm a mother, a full time student, the creator and author of this blog, I'm currently writing a book, and have a FEW other projects in the works.. BUT this DUMB BITCH tells ME to get a life..


My suggestion is you find out who the fuck I am, BEFORE you even think you WANT a problem with me, because TRUST & BELIEVE ME when I tell you, your simple ass ain't even close to ready for the STORM I'll fucking BRING!!


What you need to do, is get a fucking life and pick up a little CLASS while you're at it!! Because airing your fucking family business out on TWITTER just proves to the world that not only are you a DUMB BITCH, but you LACK CLASS TOO!!

Welcome to my FAN CLUB you've just been nominated as the May DUMB BITCH of the month!! LMFAO @ you!!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH

Friday, May 1, 2009

DUMB BITCHES that "THINK" they HOT when they NOT!!

How are all of my wonderful readers doing today? Just as FABULOUS as I am I hope ;o)

Okay, so lets get down to business!! Lets talk about all of these DUMB BITCHES running around town thinking they hot when they NOT!

You know the kind, she's always bragging about who she knows, and where she goes, and then you go out with the DUMB BITCH, just to find out, not only is she a NOBODY, but NOBODY knows her!! LMFAO, you go out with her and she realizes what a real HOT bitch really looks like because your flow is UNSTOPPABLE!! LMAO, I know ya'll know the type!

Bitch always bragging about what party she at, what party she's going to, who knows her, and how she can get into any venue that she goes to.. LOL But when you get to the venue if you weren't there her ass would have been stuck at the door!! LMAO, ya'll know the type.

She tells you about her man, and how much he loves her, and when she introduces the two of you he brushes right past her to get to you, LMAO, ya'll know the type. Then when you ask him, why he's being disrespectful to his woman like that, he says, what woman, I don't have a woman, I'm single, LMAO!! And when you look at her she's holding her head down like a wounded dog!! LMFAO, ya'll know the type!! On the way home, she confesses, well we're not together together, NO BITCH you're just NOT together, LMFAO, ya'll know the type!!

Well I wish these DUMB BITCHES would just get it the fuck together, because LORD HAVE MERCY do they look whack! Bitch you not hot, you never have been, and you never will be!! Your false sense of self will only get you embarrassed more times that NOT! So please, just STOP!!

Ms. I am so sick of that DUMB BITCH