Monday, September 14, 2009


Okay so you guys know.. that I am NOT one to Celebrity Blog.. In fact I didn't tune into the VMA's until AFTER I watched True Blood & Hung.. Because a Bitch like me has priorities.. and Celebrities and their BULLSHIT is not one of them.. So in any event after my two shows went off.. I tuned in.. I kinda sorta already had an idea of the debauchery that was taking place thanks to my WONDERFUL Twitter Friends and Facebook Fam.. And well I just HAVE TO HAVE TO Speak on this BULLSHIT..

So I have decided that the 2009 VMA DUMB BITCH of the year award.. can not only be given to one person this year but must be given to THREE different DUMB BITCHES who were on some REAL DUMB BITCH SHIT!

The 1st AWARD goes to Kanye West.. Now you can blame it on the alcohol ALL THE FUCK you want but the fact of the matter is that Kanye West is nothing more than DUMB BITCH! First of all he pulled that Dumb Bitch Punk Shit on a CHILD.. Okay... Nigga you gets NO BROWNIE points for that or your PATHETIC WACK ASS apology that I didn't bother or care to read... Cuz Nigga you are just plain fuckin wack.. In fact I WISH Taylor would have SNAPPED and SLAPPED the shit out of your DUMB BITCH ASS with her fucking MOON MAN.. And then Dropped Kicked your wack ass right the fuck up off the stage.. YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A JAY-Z AND BEYONCE DICK RIDING MOTHERFUCKER! Because at the end of the day.. You didn't even get up there and talk about your video or how you felt you deserved to win.. Like the BITCH ASS NIGGA that you are you brought poor Beyonce in to it! WTF is wrong with you.. I know you lost your Mama and all but quite frankly I know she is thankful from her grave that she wasn't there to witness that BULLSHIT in the flesh.. Only LORD knows she was turning in her grave from embarrassment.. That is a Little Girl YOU FUCKTARD a child whose thunder you felt the need to steal.. Do us a FAVOR.. and KILL YOUR FUCKING SELF! Because Nigga YOU SUCK! I wish that was my child up there.. I would have BEAT YOUR FUCKING ASS UP DOWN AND OFF THAT MOTHERFUCKIN STAGE.. Yeah... MmmHmm you knew who to pull that Bullshit on.. And you pulled it on the right one.. Fuck with a REAL BITCH NEXT TIME YOU HOMO ASS COCKSUCKER! You're a CERTIFIED DUMB BITCH KANYE.. Nothing more & nothing less.. JUST A DUMB BITCH none the less... NEXT!

Okay Lady GaGa.. I understand your need and desire to be different to set yourself apart from the rest and that's cool.. But last night Sweetie.. You just ventured off into DUMB BITCH Land.. What The Fuck is wrong with you Bitch? I mean were you on your way to a Masquerade Ball or were you at one and just didn't have time to change.. I'm just confused.. and to be quite honest with you.. not much scares me.. BUT BITCH you frighten THE HOLY SHIT OUT OF ME.. Until that is... That it was REVEALED TO ME IN A DREAM.. That you're an ALIEN! And then it all made sense to me.. The Outfits.. The Blood.. Your Dedication to the Gays & God.. It all made sense.. Greetings from your Homeland.. You FREAK DUMB BITCH! Extra is cool.. Over the top is okay.. BUT BITCH you are just a WALKING TRAGEDY! Stop it you're scaring the HUMANS! Next!

Lil Mama.. Girl what the fuck was on your mind?? I mean I swear for an instant I was just fucking confused.. It actually looked like you were out of breath.. I said to myself.. I didn't know this Bitch was in the song??? Then it dawned on me.. BITCH YOU AIN'T ON THAT SONG! Why the fuck did you carry your DUMB BITCH ASS up there? I mean did Jay invite you.. Did Alecia give you the secret signal.. Or are you from the SAME FUCKIN ALIEN PLANET as GaGa.. Bitch have you lost your motherfuckin mind.. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU get your wack Lip Gloss Poppin ass up on the stage with Jay-Z and Alecia and think that shit would be okay and or welcomed.. Bitch you are wack! Do us a favor..STAY IN YOUR FUCKING LANE!

Okay that's all I have to say about that.. And KUDOS to the CLASSIEST DIVA on the PLANET Beyonce for giving Taylor her Moment in the Spotlight.. and EXCUSING herself from that TRAGEDY now known as Kanye.. If ever I was a FAN... Beyonce.. You are Boo.. Love you!


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